Monday, January 24, 2011

The weekend that wasn't

Got in almost 4 miles Saturday. It was a B.E.a.utiful morning that morning. Actually the weather has been gorgeous. I have been taking advantage when I can. We are rescheduling the baptism. Everyone was sick at there house. so my weekend ended up kind of disappointing.

Saturday I spent the entire afternoon at a MaryKay party for a friend's daughter. UGH! I did buy some stuff that I didn't need. My friend is always so generous with my kids and Gkids I thought it was a nice thank you. Really I just wanted to get the hell out of there, so I bought something.

I have decided that I have done something to my back. While I was sitting at church yesterday I got a terrible stinging in my butt and down my leg. I felt like I pulled my butt muscle a while ago. It does this every now and then. Especially when I am driving. I am making an appointment for an adjustment then a massage. It was a good enough excuse so I cut out of church early and came home and just vegged. I then put myself into a WW chili coma and napped on and off most of the day. I did mange a bike ride earlier in the morning.

Today started off good. My L.L. was good until just a little bit ago. She became very agitate after her son came. Anyway, I decided to leave. He told me I should. She was mad at me for some reason. It em brassed him I think. Anyway, I thought I would go back after he left. It's my crush anyway. He makes me kind of nervous. Sweaty nervous. I am such a weirdo! So I was ok with

I have committed to doing a half marathon the last of March. I am LOVING my new walkers. I walked in them this morning and all was well. I am also loving my new "over the shoulder boulder holders" . So glad I went to Kohls. Food was pretty good. Too much WW chili is better then too much crap food. H20 better today as well.

Here's to a great week............keep the mood and the food real


  1. A half? That is awesome, Dana.

    I do what I can to avoid parties such as that. I guess I'm hard-hearted!

    We went shopping at Kohl's this weekend, as well. They had some great bargains! I didn't buy anything, but Bick got a couple of new shirts to go with his new pants.

  2. I try not to go to Mary Kay/Southern Living/Pampered Chef parties for the very reason of what happened to you - I end up buying something I don't need or particularly want so I can make my escape. At least you're not alone in this! :)

    I'm excited for you do do a half marathon - your walking buddies sound like go-getters, and I'm sure it will be a blast!

  3. What?
    You rock!
    See ya in March -
    Kohls for the Girls?
    Great idea!


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