Thursday, January 27, 2011

where did the week go??

Holy Cow! Where did the week go? I have been uber busy. My L.L. is beyond crazy this week. I am really starting to question if keeping her at home is really the way to go. She does alright in the morning but by noon or so she goes off the deep end. Frantically wanting to go home. She is home. It's an argument you can't win. I have been taking her for car rides so she can see that she really is in her house. It seems to just make her mad. Yesterday she is so bad. Her sons came yesterday to relieve me and were at the end of their rope too. She is on meds, but they don't seem to work anymore. After 2 weeks. I am sure the family will figure it out. Sometimes I wonder if I am just forcing it to work for her at home because I need the money so bad. Wonder how much of my actions aren't motivated by selfishness. I am scared out of my mind about what I will do next. Relax.....Dana. Easier said then done. I am kind of dreading going to work today. Wish it wasn't like that. I love L.L. but I am at a loss what to do for her. I have never had this problem before. And that is saying something.

I have also had house guests. I KNOW! Who am I?? I usually don't like company because I am kind of embarrassed of my small sparsely furnished apartment. has been nice and I LOVE my friends.

Food has been pretty good. No drive thrus....ok yesterday I did eat a chicken taco. H20 is pretty good too. Walking has been the ONE GOOD thing I have kept up. My house guest has offered to sit with crazy L.L. so I can go alittle farther. Still on track with the half marathon.

Have a great Thursday! Keep the mood and the food real...........


  1. I'm sure she must be, but is the LL on Ativan or some sort of anxiety medicine? I only ask that because toward the end, my grandmother was agitated and her doctor recommended it. Sounds exhausting, what you are dealing with, and I know you only want the best for her. It sure is hard and obviously her sons appreciate you, especially considering they are trying to give you some relief. Hope everything resolves for the best, soon.

    Have a good day, my half marathon amiga!

  2. I am still so excited about your decision to do the half. I think that's awesome. I think Shelley is spot on about the LL situation.

    And Dana, you will figure out the next thing. You are not being selfish here. You are not in charge of her, her family is. You are a help, not a hindrance.


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