Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching up

Well my computer is toast. I think. My daughter is looking for a good buy on another, smaller laptop. There is also a guy in my church that might have some for sale. Any hoo. That puts me at the library to make a quick post and check up on some of you.

L.L. is improving! I can't believe it. We took her off all the narcotics and anxiety meds and she is back to her old self. She is walking with assist and standing on her own. No more terrors. No more freak outs. I am getting off by 3pm too. Job life is looking up.

On the flip side, my legs and butt are still killing. This has been so weird. If it was a pulled butt muscle shouldn't be feeling better by now? I did it quite some time ago. Also, I have pulled something in my upper arm. The toe is healing. I walked 4 miles Saturday and it was ok. Later on though it did start to ache again. Especially on Monday. I walked around the neighborhood pushing L.L. in some funky shoes. Walked this morning and then again this afternoon with L.L. Probably getting in around 3 miles. So far, so good. Fingers crossed. I have get back to EVERY morning walking. I need to get a new walking schedule. I don't think I am going to be able to walk the 13 miles for the marathon. It's just too much for my body right now. I need to heal up a bit. So my walking buddy has been training still. She needs to walk at a different time now, so I have been using no buddy to get out of walking as well. Walking is my salvation. I must do it or suffer the consequences. I know this, yet I am resisting it. Give up Dana~

On the food front. Well, I had the Gkid over the weekend so I didn't do so good. I have been super anxious and emotional. Letting stuff hurt my feelings that I should just brush off. Letting the Gkids get to me while I was sitting Valentine's Day. Thinking I had left my backpack with my laptop, reader and ipod in the car. Then going to look for it. Finding it not there. Freaking out cause I thought it was stolen. Then remembering I had left it at home. UGH! That kind of stuff just exhausts me. Still feeling foggy. Hoping that this doesn't last too much lonoger.

On the good side. I got on the scales thiking that I might as well get all my depressing stuff over with and was surprised and happy to see that I am again in Onderland. 199.6. Seeing that number helped me to make better choices today. I still need to shop for a dress for my son's wedding. I just can't make myself go shopping. I know, weird.

Well this turned into a longer post then I intended. Hoping to get back on line soon. Time to catch up with a few of you guys.

Keep the mood and the food real.........


  1. Well that darn computer! I don't know where you shop there, but I always loved the Marshall's Superstores there in AZ. Always could find something great for a great price.

    I'm so glad your LL is doing better. What a relief for all of you! I hope you toe heals and you can find a new computer.

    And congratulations on Onederland!

  2. Woot woot for Onederland!!!

    Hope you end up with a sweet new computer soon, but I'm glad you were able to check in through the library. And good to hear that the LL is doing better! :)

  3. Awesome chance to start over with a new machine!

  4. cheering for you.
    Mine is toast, too.
    shall we slather butter on em? :)

  5. Yeah for onderland!!! Girl you gotta get that walking figured out! Your right that it will save you in more ways than one.I know you can do it! Hugs! deb

  6. Onderland is Wonderful! Can't wait to get there myself.

    Maybe you could do some MOB dress shopping online to get an idea of what you want (or don't) It might take a little of the pressure off.

  7. Glad the LL is better and glad your job stress is decreasing. But AVOID those horrible fast food places! They don't care about you!

  8. Congrats on onederland. Life would be so much easier if it would quit throwing all different kinds of bumps in the road, wouldn't it? If only it were that simple.


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