Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gotta Love Life

Tuesday morning. Another morning of not walking. This is making me crazy. My toe is feeling better. I wore shoes all day yesterday. My walkers. It actually felt better then the loose shoe. It didn't bother me at work. So I think I am going to try and get a walk in after work. Not the best idea. Cause it usually never happens if I wait till later in the day. Maybe I will get my walking buddy to walk with me. Love this pic of my buddy and me. The look on her hubs face is funny. I gave him a "thanks for sharing your wife" Christmas gift. He is really one of the good guys.

Food hasn't been the best. In fact, I have been down right naughty. Don't need to get into detail. I have been thinking about getting my dress for the wedding and I it makes me want to eat. Stupid.....emotional eating anyone?

I am so bored at work. OMG! I was about to loose my mind yesterday. I am not feeling motivated. At all. I could take my filing with me. I might. I did the other day. Could talk myself into it. I haven't read my book for book club tonight. It's on my reader and I am half way through. It's almost like I can't concentrate. I am hoping this is hormonal and that I will back to "normal" (whatever that is anymore) in 2 shakes. Till then I just need to stay positive and remain ever grateful. For everything!

Didn't dress yesterday. That was my 1st mistake. Today is going to be different. I am going to the grocery store before work and get some fruit and healthy stuff to munch on. I filled up my H20 bottle. Just drinking more H20 makes alot of difference. I can do that. I will do that.

ok....pep talk over. Getting in the shower so I can make all my dreams come true today. Then I am going to take the time to get spiritually prepared. I can rely on Divine Intervention. RELY! I have had no motivation to do that either the past few days. Yep. Gotta put on that armour. My mind tells me I don't need too. My life tells me I better. Gotta love life....the alternative sucks.

Kepp the mood and the food real............


  1. What we do in the morning really sets the tone for the day, doesn't it? Getting dressed and getting spiritual just starts the day out on a higher plane that it would be without it. Good for you.

    Hope you toe is perfect today.

  2. Thanks for the reminder - I'm off to the shower!
    Love ya all!

  3. I so understand that mental mush, not being able to concentrate for very long on anything. I call it "menopause brain" - I just hope that one day it goes away!

    Cute, cute picture of you and your buddy.

  4. Are you the type of person that if you actually buy the dress for the wedding a tad smaller, that it will motivate you because you HAVE to fit into it, or will it stress you out?

    Polar's Mom

  5. I broke my little toe over a year ago and it still bothers me! I tried to walk it off and kept right on with my 4 mile a day routine...probably not the best thing to do. I think you should definitely give it a rest from walking it will help in the long run!


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