Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great but exhausting weekend!

Carson and the coach....his Dad! Yes. I brought muchkin donuts

I love this picture. She is such alittle doll baby.

Good Morning! Yes, it's going to be a good morning. I am bound and determined. I had the best weekend ever. Went to see my 5 year old Gson play football. really fun. Fun to watch my SIL coach the team. The other parents were nice as well as all the little boys. Sometimes that's not the case. Laughed...alot! It was so cute. I am going to soak it up while he still wants to run to sidelines and hug his GeGe.
I brought the boys home for an overnight. It was fun, but exhausting. Then I went back to work for my crazy L.L. yesterday. The bottom line is that I am going to have to quit. There are alot of different reasons, the most important one is that I don't think I am serving her. I do think she's bored, and I just don't have a party left in me anymore. Anyway, I am really going to start looking for something else.
I was so pissed last night. I have a friend whose daughter is doing MaryKay. Last night the kid text and told me that the 1 hour party I had planned and told everyone about was going to be 2 hours. I told her " No, you're a professional make it fit in an hour. That's what I was told, or I guess assumed. Anyway, I spent almost 3 hours at the last one I went to. Plus spent money on stuff I didn't need. The kid must have notified her mother who texted me and played the "friend card", Really?? Anyway, totally rethinking this friendship. I would never do that to someone. I would have told my kid the customer is always right, even when they're wrong. That's the way I was taught. Seriously fuming. Going to shake it off. I don't need to be pissy all day about it. Stop thinking about it, Dana. I will go tonight with a smile on my face cause I have invited people, but I am keeping my distance from this person for a good long time.
Food hasn't been the best. Drive Thru over the weekend. Damn chicken tacos. H20 not great either. I have been ubber anxious, thinking about my job, wishing I had another option. When your unhappy at work, you're miserable. Need to make a big pot of something WW. That's the plan. Along with walking. Which I need to get dressed to get out the door by 5 am.
Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. **looks at watch**

    ok it's 544.
    youve set the tone.
    Im off to walkwalkwalk too.


  2. Your face is so happy looking!
    Your role as the hip hop happening GrandMother becomes you!

  3. I love how much your grandkids ADORE you! So sweet to see. :)

    As for the Mary Kay party - tell the kid (not the mother - ugh, sounds like she has her own issues with being too involved in her grown child's business) that you can give her an hour for the party, or nothing at all. Take it or leave it - let's face it, it's not like you can't live without the free items you'll get from hosting the party vs. the angst this is causing. I fee for you and hate it when crap like that happens.

    Hope you have a peaceful day.

  4. What cuties they are. And how wonderful to get those hugs!

    I love your determination, Dana. I hope today brings a smile to your face.

  5. Dana, have you seen that documentary "Food Inc?" It really helped me to be mad at the Drive Through places. I keep telling myself "They don't care about me. They don't care about my health. They don't care anything about me." It seems to help me. Also I flip the bird at every drive through I pass. This makes me laugh and then I am able to NOT STOP. I even stopped getting iced tea or water at the drive through.

    I know it's hard though. xoxoxoxo GP

  6. Keep the mindset with the grandkids. Yes, the work situation is tough, but you have your reasons-stay strong...as for the party, you are a better woman than I-that took some balls and I would re-evaluate, too.

    Polar's Mom

  7. Your grandkids are just super cute :) Glad you had such a good time going to the gson's football game, you do look happy. Sorry the LL thing isn't working out. I hope you find something new. It seems like things always work out ok for you. I will say a prayer for you. Hugs


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