Sunday, February 6, 2011

have a nice trip...see ya next fall...oops

Well I have an awful confession. I broke my toe during a food coma. Woke up in the middle of the night and decided I needed an otter pop. So I sleep walked towards the stairs. Damn near fell down them and instead I some how broke the little toe on my left foot. Well. I am ashamed. Ever heard of drunks falling down the stairs in a alcohol or drug induced daze. I feel like it's the same thing. Since I now exactly how that feels. I did something to my back as well. Spent most of the day in bed. I yes.....I over ate again. UGH! I had a chance to go visit my sweet friend I used to work with. Could have done a lot of things. Instead I was laid up in bed.

I am not going to let this ruin another day today. I will move past this and get myself up and dressed today. I will go to church with my daughter as planned and stay for dinner and some of the Super Bowl. I will make better choices.

Yesterday wasn't that bad I guess. I did get out and ride my bike. I haven't done that in a long time. It was so hard to pedal. I was hoping it was because the tires were low ( lol ) but alas I am just out of bike shape. Then I went to see The King's Speech. By myself. Sometimes I just want to go last minute. Trying to find someone to go with seemed like a lot of trouble. See what I mean. Kind of hiding out. I loved the movie. I almost stayed to see The Fighter, but I decided to go to Chipotle's instead. I had earned a free movie and popcorn with my rewards cards.

That's where things went south. My toe started killing and so did my back. My legs and thighs don't tingle since my adjustment. Now, my lower back is kind of achy. I am going back for another visit and a massage on Wed. I just need to hold on. L.L. is getting physically stronger along with mentally sharper. I can work. It's a dull ache really. I don't have to lift her anymore.

I think I might try to do some filing this morning. My kid's church isn't till this afternoon. Maybe another bike ride. I don't want to walk with the toe. I don't know how this is going to effect my marathon training. Just going to get back on track as much as I can. The toe might not be broke. No insurance leads to self diagnosis. So I might bounce right back. Think good thoughts.

On a light note...I have been watching The Nanny marathon on Nick at Nite. That show is so funny. It's like The Lucy Show. Who knew?? Gotta see a positive........right?

I might get everything done this weekend I set out to do Friday after all. See Dana, Press forward. All is not lost. Just do it. Let's see what other tag lines can you think of to motivate me?

Keep the mood and the food real.............


  1. Cheers to a speedy recovery for you! Always remember the R.I.C.E. method - rest, ice, compression, elevation - when you think you've broken a bone. I've broken several, and that always seems to help me (along with some good meds lol). Good luck, and I'm sure you'll be back into training for your marathon in no time! :)


  2. What is an otter pop?
    Stay well, with or without them!
    Popsicle Toes!

  3. It's fascinating to see you talk yourself through a downer and by the end of this post, be hopeful and optimistic again! Hope your baby toe is not hurting too bad - I've done that a time or two (well, Otter Pops were not involved, lol) and it DOES sting.


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