Friday, February 4, 2011

Me Time?

Well T.G.I.F.! I have had a good week this week. I needed one. I earned on. I am only working 8 hours today. Might meet my daughter and pick up a Gkid tonight for a one on one sleepover. Then 5 year old football. Then I am taking the rest of the weekend for myself. My back has been giving me fits. I am suppose to walk 6 miles tomorrow, but I don't see that happening. My buddy is going to of town with her hubs, plus I seem to just ache all over. Not sure if it's related to being adjusted or not. Trying to drink lots of H20.

Last night I over did it. bought some "treats" for the kids. Yes, I know, there is a river in Egypt. Denial. My 5 year old Gkid kid asked for Dove dark chocolate....naught. Any hoo, not derailed just delayed. Will do better today. I meant to blog about this. Last weekend I went to McDonald's. Again, I know. I decided I want to try an Angus Burger with Swiss cheese. I don't know what I was expecting. But it wasn't that. Ick! So gross. I get the "urps" just thinking about waiting in the drive-thru of that place. So that's good. lol. I must have changed some where along the way. Good to know. Oh and another change was I threw it out. Didn't finish it just because I paid good money for it. Truly probably the best $6 I've spent Makes me want to eat good food.

I want to get organized over the weekend. Set up my files into a new file cabinet. I still want to see The King's Speech too. If I don't watch a movie in the theatre I won't see it. I fall asleep every time I try to watch a movie at home. I basically just want some me time. Quiet time.

I need to put in some time walking or biking. It has been cold here in the desert. I love it. I get to wear my boots. However, I don't like to walk in the dark, cold morning without a buddy. Maybe I will wait till after the sun rises and go walk some where new and pretty. I have been a slacker this week for sure. I don't feel terrible about it. Sometimes the old body needs a little rest.

Hope everyone has a great, warm weekend. Keep the mood and the food real.............


  1. Good for you to trash that trash!
    See ya in a few weeks!
    We'll have lunch but not that!

  2. I understand what a big victory it is to throw something away that you've paid for rather than eating it. Huge victory, Dana. Good for you.

    Go see the movie - you will love it!

    Have a great weekend - doesn't sound like you are taking it easy at all.

  3. Theres two things i hit McDonalds up for....McRib when they come around.Thank goodness its not something they always carry. And i love their yougurt parfaits.
    The King's Speech is totally worth your time girl! Check it out! Loved it! Black Swan was good too. Wonder which one will take best picture at the Oscars Sunday???
    I gotta get out there and walk today too. The high is 30degrees....brr... not my kind of weather to walk. I like above freezing at least. But it hasn't been above freezing since Monday. Guess i'll have to brave it.
    Keep moving forward girlfriend! deb

  4. Ahhh, organization - it helps on so many levels. :)

    And "not derailed, just delayed" is an awesome statement. What a great way to look at a not-so-stellar day of eating...I will have to remember that!

  5. I have just recently been throwing food away left and right. I don't know where I got the need to save it - or need to eat it - mentality. But I decided at the New Year that I would no longer force myself to eat things I really wasn't enjoying. I'm sure I've saved myself several calories.

  6. So good when we realise we have changed somewhere, and for the better! :)

    I passed up getting sausage & chips last night, something I used to be partial to last year & forever, whenever I was stressed and couldn't be bothered to cook. I just 'knew' that I wouldn't be able to eat it any I just kept on drivin' - yay!


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