Thursday, February 10, 2011

glad it's almost over

This week has gone by so fast. I had something everyday after work. Except tonight. I plan on going to bed extra early. I woke up 10 mins before I needed to be at work. That never happens. I went and got a massage after my adjustment Wed and I guess I was really relaxed. The massage was so nice. Butt muscle still ouchy. My upper arm is hurting now too. Ugh. I have a line on a over night job that is suppose to be easy. I would love an easy patient. I am waiting to hear from them. I hope it really is easy and pays the same. A girl can dream, right?

Of course I am conflicted. I don't want to leave my L.L. and her family in the lurch. It's pretty obvious that it's getting harder and harder for the family to keep her at home. Her funds will run out soon. Plus they can't keep care givers. Especially over nights. Another girl just quit. Like I said. It's not an easy job. Her sons are going to fill in over nights for awhile. Hopefully they can find someone else. So maybe this is the Lord's way of saying I need to move on. We will see what happens. Stay tuned.

I haven't walked all week. Toe + Early starts + pain + cold weather = no walking. Going to see if I still know how in the morning. I haven't felt mentally sharp. Kind of foggy. Can't concentrate. I am sure lack of movement and not spot on food is a major factor. I am still amazed at how much my physical well being is so essential for mentally well being. For all my fat years I thought I was functioning at my best. I told myself all those studies were bunk. I just feel kind of stuck.

I am so glad this week is over. I need 2 days off for sure. Today she was insisting I put her in bed with her husband. Bless her heart. I had to show her there was no one there. She still thought I was "pulling one over on her". She was so defeated. I was so exhausted. Tomorrow is a new day.

Keep the mood and the food real............


  1. Dang, Nurse!
    Start fresh Manana!
    Can't be worse, might be better!

  2. Thinking of you today - you have given as much as you can to LL - and I know she, somehow and somewhere, appreciates it. xoxo GP

  3. sending you my thoughts and prayers for a better day and lots more stamina regardless.


  4. Hope this is a good day for you, Dana. :)

  5. have a blessed days ahead..:)

    thanks for sharing your insights..


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