Friday, March 25, 2011

2 Thumbs Up!

Trying to get a job is harder then having a dang job. I have been putting the word out. I got a job cleaning a house for a lady I'll call Max. This should be interesting. It will be like an episode of hoarders. Only I won't even make a dent in it. We'll see what I can do. This could turn into something more then just a one time thing. I hope I can find something to augment this. I am ok for now. Saved some money. Not much, but I am not freaking out just yet. Good things will happen.

I went to the Family History Center (FHC) and have already taken a couple of classes. I have been practicing. I am loving it. The people at the FHC are super nice and there is always some one to help you. I am feeling more comfortable about asking questions. Even dumb questions. I have decided I don't care if I look stupid. I am not stupid, I just don't know anything about this. A smart person would ask tons of questions. If that's the case then I am really, really smart:)

I went for a good food shop. I haven't done that good of a shop for a long time. It felt good to come home and get reacquainted with what is in the fridge and cupboards. I have cleaned and organized. That feels good too. I now know where most things are. Imagine that! I have made a work area on my kitchen table. I need a desk, but I will have to think about that one. I like having that extra room just for the kids. They visit enough to warrant their own room. For now anyway.

I lost a lb from last week. I just keep bouncing in the same general area of the scale. It's better then jumping. I am not really trying like I should have been this past week. Now that I have planned and prepared for success I am sure I am capable of having some. We will see.

Walking, but not as fast or as far as I know I should. I am doing it, however. That is important to remind myself. I sometime just take for granted the I get up at 4 am almost every morning to WALK! That is a big deal. Wait while I break my arm patting myself the back :) It has been my salvation. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

Moving in the right direction. MOVING being the key word. I could so easily just freeze. It has taken intention to not "take to my bed". I have had crazy headaches and other stupid stuff. Isn't it interesting that you can psych yourself OUT of doing things you want to do. What's that all about??? UGH! Doing a pretty good job of faking till I make it. So I will give this week 2 thumbs up!

Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. You are doing so much - and I'm glad you are giving yourself kudos for walking every day...that is a huge thing to do, and beneficial in so many ways!

    Hmmm, cleaning out someone else's messy house? I'd be terrible at it - in that I'd just want to toss everything. Not real respectful of feelings. But ugh, I can't stand clutter and junk! And you'll find another job soon...just keep reminding people that you are available and something will fall into your lap. :)

    Have a great weekend - enjoy your fresh food and treat yourself well!

  2. Your doing great Dana. Its good to see you giving yourself the credit you deserve. 4am , yep your the DawnTreader! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!
    Hugs! deb


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