Friday, March 11, 2011

Business in the Front......

Last night we went to the wedding venue last night for the rehearsal. It was very nice and I am getting so excited for them. Note the Redskin T-shirts. He's a fan, as was his dad. His dad was buried in a Redskins T-shirt. Back to their shirts. Business in the front...... Party in the back. How adorable are the Happy Couple?? They are so happy. They are going to Disney for the honeymoon. Yep, they are kids at heart. That's where he proposed to her. They really like Disney.

So I will be having a busy weekend. L.L.'s funeral is Saturday morning. Then the wedding in the afternoon. I can do this. It will be a day of celebration. Full of the 2 most wonderful kind of celebration. L.L.lovedhats. I mean BIG, Church Hats. The family has asked that if you have a hat, wear it. Even the men. Big church hats. She had a room full of hats. I am not exaggerating ONE BIT! I think the family is going to leave a pile of hats at the funeral. So if you don't have one, you will. I went by and spoke with the daughter yesterday. She gave me some very nice keepsakes. A beautiful black hat was my most precious one. Her service will most certainly be a celebration. She wanted to live to 105like her Gma. She was 88 but packed about 200 years of LIVING in those 88 years. I am really going to miss that family. She had exceptional adult children. The best have have ever worked with. I am going to write more about her later. A tribute. I just can't do it now. She really did teach me alot about myself. It's a good thing!

I woke to news about the earthquake in Japan. My sister lives in Japan. Luckily she posted on FB that all is well with her family. They lived in a suburb outside Tokyo. The video on the news. This old earth is really rockin 'n rollin as of late. I have a 72 hour kit. Everyone should be prepared for a disaster. You really just never know.

Food has not been the best. But not the worse either. I am excited to get back to long morning walks and focusing on my health. I am ready to recommit. I can feel it in my bones. I went for a long walk yesterday morning and it was lovely! The weather has been so nice. I saw people in the pool yesterday. IT was 86 degrees!

So......till next time. I will posts of the wedding and funeral. I am excited for this weekend! My sister will be here tonight!! Hope everyone else has the best weekend ever!

Keep the mood and the food real................


  1. You do have a busy weekend ahead of you. My best wishes to your son and his new bride. And let's all learn something from LL and pack our life full of good things. My very best to you, Dana.

  2. What a wonderful legacy LL is leaving. The funerals I don't mind are the ones that celebrate. I hope someone takes a photo of all those hats!

    Then to be able to celebrate a new beginning for your son and his bride. What a great what to end the day.

    Have fun - all day long, have fun!

  3. Have an amazing weekend. Love the photos!

  4. What a Saturday! I'm so glad the LL's funeral will be such a celebration of her life - love the hats idea. And to top it off with watching your son marry his love? Wow. Hold on to the kleenex - quite the emotional day!

  5. thinking about you.
    hope it was an emotional weekend in the best possible sense of the word.

  6. I can't wait to hear about the wedding. I know the funeral will be tough but I'm sure you all with have such great stories to tell about LL. Glad to hear your sister is ok. *big hugs*


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