Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I found it!

So I found a dress. A dress that I love and that I feel comfortable with. It fits great and best of all it was way marked down from $180 to $55. Been smiling ever since. I made plans to get my hair colored this weekend and then I made an appointment to get "wedding hair" the day of. Now I need some help with accessories. I kind of want something to cover my enormous "wings". I look at the pic and all I can see is ARMS. So maybe a shawl?? A shrug? Jewelry? Shoes? I am thinking grey. Tell me what do you think.

Speaking of my kid. He got hit in the head pretty good today at work. He is at the E.R. now. Seems like everything is fine. My daughter is looking for a new house. Some where that she would be able to build a GeGe apartment. Just in the thinking about stage right now. Something to think about. They really need a bigger house. This is the time to buy for sure. She is getting smoking prices, so we will see. She is excited.

I went to the Dr. today. I needed to get my lab work and BP checked so they will refill my meds. I found out that my cholesterol isn't as high as I thought. Felt good about that. Plus I have "tennis elbow" from pulling L.L. up in the bed and chair. I also got my back adjusted. I am laying here on an ice pack. I went to work today after calling in sick yesterday. Sick with a pretty bad cough. Pee in your pants kind of cough. I am not contagious so I figure I sit on my butt most of the day anyway, so I went to work. I manged to get her out for a brisk mile, but not much more.

I weighed in this morning. No longer in Onderland. Such is life. I will just press forward. If I can get back into the 190's before the wedding I would be happy. Just making better overall choices about what goes in the old pie hole would do it. That and a butt load of water. I drank an entire gallon today. Feel so much better then even yesterday. I sweet young mother saw on FB that I was feeling icky and she dropped off a "flu care package". It was just so nice. They are a struggling young couple with 2 kids. It meant alot to me. I don't even really know her that well.

Well I just took a little muscle relaxer and I am feeling "relaxed" so I will end this. I feel good about today. I am feeling less foggy. I feel like I have more energy. I might just pull out of this funk yet.....HOPEFUL!


  1. You look gorgeous!! Love the dress :)

  2. What suzi said. You do look gorgeous and the dress is fabulous. As you know, I'm a big fan of the pashmina (shawl) and I think grey/silver shoes would look great with the dress. I have no idea as to jewelery, however. I think I own exactly four pieces - three of which I'm wearing right now.

  3. Beautiful dress! I agree, you look fantasic. I think gray would be a good choice.

    Congrats on the cholesterol not being as high as you though! That's a great victory.

    Hope your son is okay-scary!

  4. Gorgeous dress, you look wonderful!
    I think grey/silver too, with silver jewellery. you ae going to look stunning my dear:)



  5. press onward but TODAY? NOW? YOU ALREADY LOOK AMAZING.

  6. Yes - my vote is you do look great!
    Like the song from the musical "Annie"
    "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"

  7. Pretty dress and you look great in it. Almost any color wrap would work: gray, navy, metallic. You can't go wrong. Hope your son is OK.

  8. Gorgeous dress! You look fantastic in it!

    Hope you are full of energy today. :)

  9. So happy for you. I know finding a dress takes a load off your mind. Beautiful and perfect for you! Silver shoes - or metallic pewter color which is a bit more trendy right now. Silver jewlery maybe even a few rhinestones. Drop earrings for sure - that neckline can handle them and they'd look fantastic.

  10. I love the dress too and Helen gave great advice for accessories I was thinking silver with it too. Glad you're getting out of the funk me too little by little that's what we have to do. Hugs

  11. I would go with a silver/gray wrap too. Simple (not patterned) would be best. I am going to message you on FB about the other suggestion.

  12. I saw NO WINGS! What I saw was such a pretty happy smile and cute cute hair! I say get some bitchin' cool shoes and some sparkly jewelry and dare them to give you any trouble at all. (I have wanted to say the words "bitchin' cool" all day. So here ya go!)

    I think you are beautiful. xoxo GP

  13. Dana that dress is so pretty and you look AMAZING in it!

  14. Sorry I am late to the party - but that's a gorgeous dress!

    You look great - take it easy on yourself... If I ever get back to "One"-derland you may hear the celebration from there!


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