Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who am I now??

My daughter and her family came to dinner on Friday night and left with a puppy. I guess 5 kids and another dog at home weren't enough for my daughter. Seriously, she could have 5 more kids and still keep things humming along with loosing her mind. Looks like Wizard the wonder dog is sniffing out the competition.
This pic is from the 1st of the week when I took the girls to McD's. They had such a good time. How funny, they have on the same dresses. They LOVE those dresses. They started screaming with laughter. We had to leave. People kept getting startled. One old man about choked on his Egg McMuffin. :)
This is our cute little Easter Bunny. I couldn't resist buying them on my last trip to Target. Stupid checkout line. It took several attempts to get this good of a picture. I got the girls those "elegant" gloves. They loved them.

Then I had the boys spend the night. I had to take a picture of this kid's feet. He hates to wear his shoes on the right feet. I have to pick my battles. It cracks me up every time. I love these goofballs!
Had a good weekend. Felt kind of crappy yesterday. My walking buddy and the Young Woman in my ward did a half marathon yesterday. I really wanted to go, but between my back and my toe...ect I skipped it. I kept myself busy with the boys. We went to the Bird Park. Of course. Then it was off the to see the movie TRON. Oh my Hell. What a stupid movie. Glad I went to the dollar theater. The 5 year old lost interest with about 30 mins left to go. Kind of stressed me out. It was really a nice couple days all in all.

Today is humming right along. I walked this morning. Did some genealogy "homework" and then looked at FB and watched some TV. I am keeping my house organized and clean. Feels pretty good. I got on the scales this morning the was up a little. My official "write it in the side bar" WI is on Wed. I am eating at home. I am avoiding the food coma and the isolation that goes with it. I am going to make some chili today. I will eat on it till Wed. Keeping track of my H20. Feeling calmer and less anxious.

Been reading some blogs today. Really like Chris over at A Deliberate Life last post. It made sense to me and I could relate. What am I now? Who am I if I am not the obese, scattered person I was even a year ago. Lots of things have changed for me over this past year. Who am I if not the mother of a kid that lives at home. If I am not an Admin Asst for 2 large schools. If I am not EMPLOYED! Great post. You should take a peek. Check my blog roll.

Stayed for all 3 hoursof church. Now it's lunch, a nap and dinner with a friend's family. Yep a great weekend!

Keep the mood and the food real........


  1. (love the photos)
    Im off to read chris' post.
    My self-definition is in flux as well...

  2. Loved all the pictures Dana, what cute cute kids. Sounds like you've been having a great time with them, that's what life is about after all. As for who you are, well your GeGe (I think I got that right lol). I liked Chris's post a lot too. I've been thinking about that a lot lately myself. I've come up with, well I'm just me :)


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