Friday, April 22, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

Let me introduce you to Birdie the car. This is the car that a couple in my church gave me to use while I saved for a new car. She is an older girl....1989. A huge Thunderbird on the hood and trunk......hence the name Birdie. My Gkids loved this car. The seat belts automatically roll over you. The speaker where bare. The windshield was cracked. She had a hard time finding drive 1st thing in the morning. She had cold air, that blew on your feet. She had a kick ass stereo that I didn't realized that it work for about 4 weeks after I got the car. This car improved the quality of my life immensely. To think that I was fired for using my old job's van, on approval. After I am fired someone gives me a car. This gesture of kindness lifted my spirits, touched my heart and gave me hope. I was so scared afer I got canned. Turns out it was the best thing that could have happened. It has made depend more on myself, and the Lord. Not knowing from week to week how the job situation will be has made me careful with my money. It has been stressful. Sure it has. Though, as time has gone by I am seeing that I am a capable person. I can survive. Most of all though......God is good, all the time.

I am feeling better. Almost back to a normal. I went out and sat with the kids. The SIL wanted to surprise my daughter and he got off work early and took her to lunch and shopping. The kids and I went to a new McD's and spent the afternoon. I just got a new smart phone that is too smart for me. That's why the pic of the car auto posted. I never auto-post. Anyway. Fun figuring it all out. I spent the afternoon playing scrabble with my son. That thing is just amazing. Just like a mini computer. Who knew??

I think alot of my problem last week is that I changed my car, purse and phone all in the same week. I felt totally lost. Add a vacation to my childhood hometown and well it was just all too much for me. I still have a huge scab hanging off my nose where that canker is. Gross, right? RIGHT! I am hosting the family Easter dinner tomorrow. Should be lots of fun. We are going to try swimming. It's been close to 90 all week. I bought a new suit. ShapeX for something like that. Anyway, that thing is like wearing a body spanx. A good suit for sure. Just have to fix the plunging neckline. I don't plunge.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday. I am so grateful for my Savior. He knows me and he loves me.

Keep the mood and the food real............

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  1. Happy holidays!
    Cool new ride!

  2. I like how you can reflect and appreciate the growth that comes out of situations that are so upsetting when they first occur. Hope you have a wonderful Easter, Dana. :)


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