Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feeling Positive!

The pic is Carson reading to his new baby brother. Too cute!

Good days and bad days. Working my butt off cleaning houses for old people. Bring on the gloves and the masks. Old people have alot of stuff. ALOT!! I am chiseling away at the hoarder's house. She knows she does it, but can't let go things. It's sad. She can't even use her kitchen. I think I would much rather have a food addiction then an addiction to stuff. I cleaned a woman's fridge. HOLY HELL! I was drenched by the time I was finished. That was hard FREAKING work.

I am walking every morning again. At least 3 miles everyday. Food is alright. I could do much better. I am staying away from the drive thru and eating more greens and fruit. H2O is much better has well. Last week I pretty much hid under the covers. It was a chore to even get dressed. I really let getting let go hurt my feelings. I was so depressed. Looking AGAIN for another job. It exhausts me. This week I seem back to my old self. I still don't feel like I have as much energy, but doing nothing for a week is exhausting. Being idle leads to lethargy.

I am thinking I might start cooking for some old folks in my church. It will force me to cook, plus it could generate alittle income. I have put the word out, so we'll see. Still feeling positive for no good reason. My sister found a lawyer that is helping with the "record". I was very happy when she called and told me. So things will get better. I just have to hold on and stay positive.

I was hoping to get a Gkid yesterday. I guess they were all heathens. Not a one of them had been good enough to GET to come to GeGe's. Trying again today. I like being positive reinforcement. I am the prize for being a a good kid :)

Enjoying my new car still. We have decided to call this car Miley. Carson named it. I liked it, so Miley it is! Keep sending good employment thoughts my way. I need all the positive energy I can get!

Keep the mood and the food real................


  1. Postive thoughts and love and hugs coming your way. Hope work you want comes your way soon. I'm sure even though the house cleaning is tough the people really appreciate it. Cute picture of the gboys :) You are a good prize too *smile*!!!

  2. Sounds like things are moving in a positive direction. I'm like you - the less I do, the more blah I feel. And it's great that you're walking so much...that always is good for the soul.

  3. I agree with you that hoarding has to be the worst. I get edgy if the Sunday newspapers are still around on Monday morning. You're sounding good!


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