Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day! I am so grateful for my kids and for being a mom. My kids have taught me so much. I am a much better person because of them.

I am missing my mom today. I often wonder what our relationship would be like. What my life would be like. I was never clean for more then a red hot minute when she was alive. I wasn't an easy child. It started when I was very young. I cut the neighbors long pig tail off with the lawn clippers. In my defence she did ask for a hair cut. Ran away from home at age 4. Went to the store and filled up my wagon and walked out. Who knew you had to pay money? I still think that system I know that she loved me, but I was alot of work. She took my daughter for 6 years when I was deep in my addiction. My daughter is a better person for it. I love my Mother. I miss my Mother. I know that she is still an influence in my life every single day. Sometimes I can feel her with me. Almost like is a part of me. Which, of course she is. She wasn't perfect, but that what made her perfect for me. She did fun things with me too. Once when I was in high school she slept out on the lawn at the university to get tickets to see Elton John. That was when he was very popular. Then she came with my friends and I to the concert. My friends loved her too.

I am teaching again today in Sunday School. This kind of stresses me out. I have been a brat and refused to prepare till yesterday. Don't know why. I am sure it will be fine. It's amazing how much I learn when I teach. Then I am going out to my daughter's and taking a roast. My poor SIL had 9 teeth pulled, so he won't be eating, but it's my daughter's fave meal. It will be all ready when she get s home from church. Tomorrow it's back to Miss H's house. Gonna plan on staying alittle longer. I can't stay for too long. Her house kind of makes me physically ill. Headaches and dizzy.

Yesterday I took a Gdaughter to the movie and lunch. She was naughty last week and couldn't come, so she got her one on one with GeGe. We had fun. Then my daughter took me out to dinner. It was a nice day.

Well I guess that's it. Looking forward to this week. Something good is going to happen for me this week. I can feel it! Can't wait to see what it is :)

Keep the mood and the food real..............


  1. I appreciate hearing your honest tales of growing up - especially love the thought of you filling your wagon at the store! Sweet of you to pamper your daughter with a nice dinner on mother's day - you are setting a good example for her. :)

  2. Sorry your missing your mom but I'm sure she's looking down and seeing what a great lady you are :) Glad you got to spend some time with gdaughter and daughter. Hope you have a great Mother's day. *hugs*

  3. happy belated and I one hundred percent agree with bubblyb. she is looking down, reading and beaming with pride at the woman youve become.


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