Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One for the money

I was quite excited to read this morning that my most favorite books are being made into a movie. The Stephanie Plum books are finally being made into a movie. One for the Money. The author Janet Evanovich has written I think we are on 16. They probably need to wrap up the series. She needs to decide already. I am a fan, but seriously. Katherine Heigl will play Stephanie . Sherri Shepard ( The View ) will play Lula. Debbie Reynolds will play Grandma Mazur. Two HUNKS that I am not familiar with will play Joe Morelli and Ranger. It comes out in January. They are predictable books, but Ms Evanovich is so funny. My most fave is #7 Where Steph has to get the old guy's heart back. Anyone else love these books. Your thoughts??
Scales are up a wee bit. UGH! New room mate will be moving in this week. Still trying to convince myself that this is going to be a good thing. AND, it's not forever. Walking but eating crap. Not drinking enough H20. I am a in a "let's talk shit to Dana" and see if she believes it funk. I am fighting the funk, with more success and failure. That's not to say that I don't sometimes have to question myself and go over the reasons why I AM NOT whatever the old noggin wants to lie about is just that A LIE~!
Awesome weekend. 1st swim in the big pool of the 2011 summer. Felt great and that suit REALLY REALLY holds all my giggly bits in place. I can still breath, so I am happy. I had the boys Saturday night and then we went to church. Then some more swimming.
Had a little talk with Miss H. Told her I can't in good conscious just move all her crap from one room t the other. So we'll see. She wants me to come at least 3 days a week. So Good For Dana! I also have another lady that needs to be taken shopping and to Dr appointments. I will take it. Much better then cleaning (with a pick and shovel~ I am only kidding just alittle).
Well out the door this morning for a walk. Hop everybody has a good day. Treat yourself like you would a dear friend. Tell yourself all the good thing as about you. Cause that's what a friend would do. THEN BELIEVE IT!!
Keep the mood and the food real.........
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  1. I love those novels! I've been saying for years if they ever made them into a movie Sherri Shepherd needs to play Lula - she's perfect. Not so sure about Katharine Heigl as Stephanie though. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

  2. Thats exactly what you need to keep telling yourself.....that its not forever...the good nor the bad....thats why its so important to live in the moment. I've never read this book series. My current fav authors are Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston and James Rollins. Adventure/ Scifi mystery type stuff.Most of my favorite fantasy authors have stopped turning out books...ah well...

  3. Sherri is perfect as Lula, but Heigl is too big and too blonde and not nearly Italian enough!

  4. I love those books too Dana, even Mike has read a bunch of them lol. I'm with the others about not sure about Heigl for Stephanie but I guess we'll have to wait and see how it goes :) Glad to hear work is coming in for you and you're doing ok in that area. Hope the new roommate works out.

  5. I am not familiar with that series...looks like I have some reading to do before January!

  6. I've lent out those Janet Evanovich novels to my patrons for years and they rave about them. I have to find a time between Book Club books to start with the first. I belong to 2 book clubs and there leaves little time for everything. One of them disbands for the summer so that will be my time. Also can't wait to see The Help (movie) when it comes out.

  7. Keep fighting the funk my friend!

    As for Janet Evanovich! Those books literally make me laugh out loud. Stephanie Plum....oh my word, what a character! EVerytime I get a twitch in my eye, I think about stephanie!

  8. I love the Plum series and agree stephanie needs to decide between Morelli and Ranger already. Can't wait to see the movie!

  9. I think of you every time I go to my driving job.
    They want me to clean and sort and put up Easter Bunnies.
    I want to be there long enough to put up Halloween decorations,
    Christmas stuff, and Next Year's Easter Bunny Stuff!
    It's a rough job, but some "bunny's" got to do it!


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