Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Update

It seems like this week is flying by. I had a Ggirl for an overnight Tuesday night. Lots of fun. Went swimming for the 1st time this year. That suit really sucks me in. I can still breath so I guess I am

I had ice cream with the Ggirl. It tasted good. Too good. Made sure I just bought a small amount. It's gone.....long gone. I have been walking alone. Buddy has had ome knee problems. I have used the time to just think. I have to teach again at church on Sunday. It's kind of stressful. I have yet to really prepare. I am sure it will be fine. I have been listening to the subject matter for the lesson. I just need to put it together. I was up on the scales this week. Not surprised. I abought a Groupon for a month at a gym with 3 personal training sessions. When I decide to stop pussy footing around I will redeem it. I have to do by the end of the year. I hope I don't wait that long :)

I am feeling better emotionally. I have worked 3 mornings at Miss H(oarders)'s house. She is a funny lady. We went to lunch after I finished this morning. She just can't keep up with all her stuff. She keeps trying to give her stuff ( crap). I have to just say ok then drop it all in the dumpster before I get home. I even say NO alot. It feels good to walk out of her house seeing a job well done. She has been trying to keep it up. This little job is not going to pay the bills. I have been still trying to get my name out there in every way I can think of.

Another great thing is that my sister sent me the paper work to get the "record" taken care of. NICE. I can do it myself. I am planning on doing it next week and then filing it all while I am at the court house.

I guess I will mention the killing of Bin Laden. Just because this is a journal too. It has nothing to do with weight loss. Glad they caught him. Glad they decided not to show the pics and I am happy with the way the President has handled himself. I was also impressed that W. Bush declined the Pres offer to share the stage. It is always good to be an American! ALWAYS!

Here's to a great Friday Eve. I plan on doing some genealogy work and then to bed early. Nothing planned tomorrow. Not a good thing. Will work on that. I will have a plan by the time my head hits the pillow tonight.

Keep the mood and the food real.................


  1. Yeah but i also saw where people were out screaming and yelling and celebrating his death.....i do understand to a point but it just feels wrong to be celebratings someones death. Its shameful. And i like to think as Americans we are above that, better than that. We should handle ourselves with dignity not out dancing in the street. Although my thoughts on the matter may put me as the minority. All i can say is it just immediately felt wrong when i saw people celebrating.


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