Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And The Beat Goes On.......

Kind of feeling stuffy and achy today. Tummy sounds like it might erupt. Woke up early. Walked 2.5 miles. Uphill the last half. I am really feeling the altitude. Doing some reading. Just finished the new John Sandford book Buried Prey. I love Lucas Davenport :) Better then some of the last ones he's written. I love the ones with Virgil Flowers too. Gonna start the Stephanie Plum book. Working on some recovery stuff. Going to a meeting tonight.

I am missing my kids and Gkids. I thought this morning that I should be home looking for a job. Then I realized that this is more important. Looking for an excuse to home....maybe?? The old noggin is messing with me today. Maybe the honeymoon phase is over. Food has been ok. I went with my friend and her hubs to Cortez yesterday. They took me out for Chinese food. That left me feeling swollen and reeking of garlic. Glad I sleep alone. Didn't over do it though. Stopped when I started feeling full. Drinking a ton of water.

Not much else. Hope everyone is having a good day. Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. Yep, I'd say that is definitely your brain trying to play the avoidance card - it doesn't want to be forced to deal with the issue. Don't give in - you'll have plenty of time to look for a job in three weeks.

    Keep trudging that path!

  2. Baby - Stay put, for a bit.... since you are already there...
    Drink your water, maybe walk a bit.... eat on plan, etc.

    You D.O.C. isn't "really" addictive (not like other things)...
    yet the boredom is bound to set in.
    The seduction begins. Name it for what it is....
    Regroup and stay your course!

    Luv Ya, Dana!


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