Sunday, June 26, 2011

Be Grateful

I am so grateful to be here with my dear friend. I was thinking today just how many things I have to be grateful for. My kids and Gkids. My sisters. My parents. My sweet, sweet friends. My church family. All have been a source of faith and strength to me. Both in real life and here in cyberland. I appreciate all the comments and the facebook emails. I agree with the comment Helen made. All I want is some peace. I think I have come to the right place. I went to the reservoir this morning. It was cool and beautiful. You can see AZ, NM,and CO from the rock I was sitting on. I want to be able to carry this peace around with me always.

They fixed waffles and strawberries this morning. Yummy. Walked my 5K this morning. My legs were killing last night. Actually my entire body hurt. Didn't get to sleep till after midnight. It is to be expected. I can do this. I forgot to mention that my Brother in law gave me such a powerful blessing last Sunday that I was shaking. It has stayed with me and has given me confidence. I am grateful .

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Keep the mood and the food real................


  1. I just got back from walking my 3 miles too :) It feels so good to be outside in the sunshine enjoying all that's around us :) Glad you are enjoying yourself and finding some peace, it really is what we search for everyday. Hugs

  2. I am grateful this morning too.


  3. To quote a Blogging Buddy (you!)
    "I Can Do Hard Things!"


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