Friday, June 24, 2011

Road Trip

Well it's just after 4 am. I am getting ready to go to Blanding. I am ready. I got my car fixed. I got a recall that said the air bag could deploy and throw metal shards in me. Yep, got it fixed. I love long car rides. Even by myslef. I can do nothing but think. I brought the books, but I feel all insulated. It's just me and the story and the car and the scenery for hours. It's kind of nice.

I will be on and off with the computer. I don't know if they have wireless. I might have to go to the library to post. That's ok. I am looking for some peace. I know where my peace lies. It's with my Heavenly Father. I am going to look to a Power Greater then myself. I have the faith. I am going to do my part to. I have an opportunity take a look at me. I have a recovery workbook that I plan on working while I am there. I am going to include to food as a drug, cause to me, it is. Do I want peace, a decent job?? Do I want the spiritual rewards that come from being obedient. Yes to all of the above questions. I am the only one that can make it happen. Just like loosing weight.

I ate Chinese food last night, Boo! I wanted something I really wanted before I leave to the where there is no Chinese food. :) I did go pick up fruit and nuts for the ride and I am going to fill up the gallon water jug with water. I want to see if I can loose a little weight while I am there as well. Lots of walking and try to eat well. If not, it's ok too.

Keep the mood and the food real.............


  1. Hope this trip gets you back on track. :)

  2. A road trip can really be a therapy in its own, more often than not. Just get the car all prepared for the long trip, stuff in everything that you need, and just enjoy drifting the smooth roads and admiring the great scenery. In the same way, just keep doing the things that you love with a passion.


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