Friday, July 22, 2011

Go see Buck!

Well what a week! The room mate is gone. It was her decision, but I am really glad it's over. I will hate loosing the money, but things will work out. Some things are worth more then money. Like my mental health. She still owes me some money, but I am cutting my losses and moving on.

One crappy thing. I got the record cleared, but in Arizona you can not get your record expunged. Which means that all my "past" is still on the internet for prospective employers to see. UGH! I thought that when I got everything set aside that it would be CLEARED off the court website. Not so I guess. I have put a call into a lawyer to see what I can do. Who knows?! It does say that all my right are returned, but it also says all my charges. Even the ones that were dismissed. Can I just say I hate Arizona. If my kids were not planted here I would get the hell out out of here. The heat, the politics, the policies. A very unforgiving state. Ok, done with that rant.

Have a job interview Monday. Fingers crossed everyone! Food has been, well, not the best. Not the worse. One high point of my week was going to see the movie Buck. OMG! LOVED IT!! Google it and watch the trailer. I can't stop thinking about this cowboy. If it is your area don't miss it. Made me cheer and cry.

The weekend will consist of Gkids, swimming, friends and church. I think I might take the boys to see Cars 2. Anyone seen it?? Is it worth the matinee price? Hope everyone is staying cool in the unbearable heat. I am so glad I bought that Groupon for the gym. I might do one more month. In September it might start getting cooler in the early mornings again. HA HA! A girl can dream, right?

Keep the mood and food real............


  1. I've not heard of Buck but i will google it. Cars2 is not my cup of tea but i have heard others say it is better than the first one. Keep on keepin' on girl!

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  3. Texas has great programs for nurses...
    Peer review stuff and Safe Harbor.....
    Too bad it wasn't something more supportive.
    Dang it - at least it was something good!

    Cool times ahead!


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