Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goona get my yoga on....

WOW! what a difference it makes to be back in my own bed. I was so exhausted that I slept right through a huge dust storm that forced the front door open and blew dust and leaves in my house and blew all my pics over. My room mate ran upstairs woke me up to tell me, and I still just thought she was nuts. So I missed it. I woke up this morning feeling kind of anxious, but I have a schedule today and I am sticking to it. I am going to try yoga for the 1st time this morning. Then I am going to lunch with my son and daughter in law. Then this afternoon I am going to see the movie 17 Miracles. It's about the Martin and Willey handcart company. A group of pioneers that pushed a handcart across the U.S. to Utah. My ancestors were part of that handcart company. They endured A LOT. Going to get a meeting in there as well. It is good to be home for sure. Though I did have a great time in Blanding. The 4th was fun, but I fell asleep and missed the fireworks. Plus I don't have to worry about keeping a bunch of people happy. It really was kind of hard going between the 2 sisters, especially on the 4th. I makes me frustrated that they can't get along. The air was so thick with contention.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. My blood pressure was 133/88. So much better. My doctor has no idea why my blood pressure was so high just the day before, ( 179/139 ) but it must be the altitude. That's all I can figure. I have no insurance so it cost me $55 to find out all is well. It was worth it. Plus he gave me a new cholesterol med that is a lot less expensive then the one they had ordered. Lipitor was over $100! So It was worth the $55. I googled weed and hypertension and I found out that lots of people say that that weed reduces their blood pressure. How funny. Still doesn't make me want to do it. I was so sick of my house smelling and worrying about people drop by. The way my mouth tasted. ICK! I am so glad to be smoke free.

When I got home I weighed myself I was happily surprised to see I have lost 6 lbs in the 2 weeks. WOOHOO! I thought for sure it would be a gain. I know that I ate more yesterday, but I ate good for me stuff. I have a new food love.....celery with garlic laughing cow cheese. YUM! I went to the food store and loaded up. I am sure it's just cause I had home again anxiety. Keeping busy today will hopefully curb the appetite. I plan on making a schedule and to do list every evening before I go to bed. I don't want a lot of time on my hands. I need a job! I don't think I am going back to Mrs. H house. It just makes me feel so icky to enter her home. The smell alone is enough to make me depressed. Something else will turn up. I know it will. I have to be kind to myself. Do what makes me feel comfortable. For now anyway.

I found another place already! It faces north so there is no afternoon sun screaming in the windows making my place hot as Hell. Yesterday afternoon we could not cool the place down below 86 degrees. We tried to cover all the windows and everything. I had to take showers and just sit in front of the fan. I am going to look at the place this afternoon. I have to give my landlord a 30 day notice, if I like this place I am not going to drag my feet. Even if means moving in the HEAT. That's saying a lot. Wish me luck! OH, and the rent is exactly the same!

Feeling positive and clear. Tomorrow is dedicated to my Gkids and daughter. Plan on spending the whole day out there. After I go to the LDS Employment Center. I am going to show up there everyday till I find a job. They are very helpful and kind. Also I am going to hit the community college and sign up for my computer class. Things are really rolling along!

Keep the mood and the food real...............

It feels weird that it's Wed. Sure doesn't feel like it........


  1. You're doing good, Dana. Making important changes, keeping your focus on what is healthy for you. I hope you like the new apartment - that would be so nice to get it, and hey, a day's worth of moving in the heat is nothing compared to leaving the angst behind, right?

  2. 6 pounds in two week is great. I need to follow in your foot steps. Good luck with the job search. It aint easy for sure. And thank you for the kind comments. It helps make coming back less nervous.

  3. wtg us for both losing 6 lbs in about 2 weeks. Its a hard thing to do! congrats!

  4. Thought of you - and that dust storm!
    Glad you are doing well!


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