Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well it's been a good weekend. I went to the Melodramaon Friday night. It was cute. Then all day yesterday was spent visiting with my friend's family. They were having a family reunion. 100 years since their Gparents settled here in Blanding. Half the town was there. Lots of good food. I have another friend that came to town for the 4th as well, so I have been visiting with her family too.

On Friday I felt kind of weird. Like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. I took my BP here with a machine they have and it said 170/104. I was like WTH?? I went to the ER here and had them just take my BP to make sure the machine at hone was right. It was even higher. I decided that I would monitor it at home. I felt ok by the evening and by morning it had come way down. I think I started something crazy with my running that morning. No more of that and I am not going to do hills either. This morning I went for a walk clear around the huge lake and didn't listen to anything. Just was alone with my thoughts. They didn't attack me, so I claim a victory :)

My niece came today after church for lunch. We hit up Subway and I just had a 6 inch with some soup. Really hit the spot. My eating has been fairly good for most part. They had Navajo Tacos for the big family dinner last night. I didn't even eat my fry bread. VICTORY again. No dessert either. I told my friend's hubs not to worry about making me brekkie or lunch. That way I can control alittle but more of what I eat. After the ER scare I just don't want to eat that greasy stuff. The night before he had made Dutch Oven potatoes dripping with bacon grease. They were so good, but that could also be another reason the BP was so high.

Roxie's link today really got me thinking about being more aware of my life. The link she put up was awesome. I read then reread it. Something to strive for. Life really does get routine. I know for a long time I have just been going through the motions.

Missing my kids and Gkids still. My daughter sent me a video. My youngest Gson is getting ready to take off crawling. It was too cute. I will be going home by the end of the week. I am anxious to get to regular meetings ( this town is very small and they have like one meeting a week) I need one once a day. I have done some awesome work since I have been here. I feel kind of nervous about going home, but I know what to do. I need to get signed up for my computer class and start looking for another place to live. I need a job as well. It will all come. I need to be patient and just keep doing the next right thing.

It has been 120 in Arizona. Not looking forward to that. A while back I got a Groupon for a month at a gym with 3 private training sessions. I am going to start the 30 days when I get home. Also, I need to get with my own doctor about that high BP and I am out of my arthritis meds. My knee doesn't do well without them. They are just an anti-imflamatory.

So I hope that everybody has a safe and happy 4th. Excited about hitting the parade in the morning. It should be fun.

Keep the mood and the food real...........

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  1. you had me and lost me at 120.
    I think I can not lament the TX heat today.

    at all.




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