Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Wonderful Day

What a wonderful day. My SIL did a great job with the baptism. Here I am with my Gson.

Here is my daughter's cute little family. So proud of them. We had a nice little party after. Lots of family and friends and food.
I must say I think I have the cutest Gkids ever. Of course I am sure some of you other GeGe's would say it was yours :) Going to hit the gym here in a minute. Then I am heading out to my daughter's to help with the kids at church. Make it a great Sunday!


  1. I think you might have the cutest grandkids ever - at least until 9if) I get some of my own!

    It's always so uplifting so see you enjoying your family so much (and them enjoying you, obviously).

    Have a great day!

  2. What a lovely, lovely family!!!

  3. What a wonderful family!! And you look gorgeous too :)

  4. Awe what sweet pictures so glad you had such a nice time hugs


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