Monday, October 3, 2011

Fast Weekend!

Monday! Where did the weekend go? My teacher found my glasses. I thought I was going to have to buy new ones. So I consider myself lucky. Saturday was Mr. King's wake. It was nice and I got to meet the family and friends that she loves to talk about. I listened to General Conference Saturday morning and then again Sunday morning. After the morning session I rode out to my daughter's and snuggled with the Gkids and read them stories and listened with one ear to Conference. They replay them on the website plus the church has a free app called The Mormon Channel. So I will be listening to what a missed this week on my walks.

Stopped at my son's on the way home and unloaded the last of the fruit salad that I had left over from the wake. They are such a cute couple, and so happy to be in their cute little home.

A quote that I loved from Conference was by a Young Woman leader who said "Be loyal to the royal". Meaning be loyal to yourself. The Royal that is God given, from a loving Heavenly Father. I will post that on my mirror.

Today it's off to Mrs. King's. All her family will be gone by now. I am sure it really hasn't hit her that her companion is really gone. I expect that there will be some crying. I have big shoulders to cry on. She has been very stoic since he passed. Then this afternoon I am going to see my 5 year old Gson perform at his Hip Hop recital. He was so cute yesterday. I said you look so grown up today. And he said GeGe I am growing slowly, like I promised you. Melted my heart.

Hope everyone has a great Monday! Be loyal to your ROYAL!

Keep the mood and the food real............

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