Friday, October 21, 2011

ok, so it wasn't that long of a break :)

Well I said I wasn't going to post, but here I am. I am feeling great. Got all my homework done for the weekend, except something pretty easy. Whoopee!! It was The 2 youngest Gkids Bdays yesterday. I can't believe it has been a year since Zander was born. He is walking and has just the cutest personality. I am really blessed. Tatum is 4 and loves Hello Kitty. She got a Hello Kitty bike and I am giving her a Hello Kitty movie. Cassie sent me picture on FB of her on the bike, so cute.

I weighed this morning and low and behold I am down to 188.2. I am seriously freaking out with happiness. Yesterday I was coming home from a long day and I thought I don't want to cook. I think I will go to McD's to get a Big Mac. Fortunately, I came to my senses when I saw a Subway before I got there and stopped for a sandwich instead. It's stuff like this that make me happy with myself. It wasn't even a hard decision. I just really didn't want to cook. My overeating has gotten so much better now that I am so much busier. School has payed off in so many ways!

Mrs King, my lady that lost her hubs about 2 weeks ago, well she fell trying to close her blinds and is now in a nursing home. I was visiting her when her son called to tell her that she wouldn't be able to go home. I felt so bad for her. It was really a big blow for her. In the matter of just a few days her life has been turned upside down. It is such a good reminder for me of who is Large and in charge, the Lord. That I can't see around the corner sometimes, but He can. She has a good attitude about the whole thing. She is trying to see it as a new adventure for her. That she would probably be just too lonely at home by herself anyway. She is such a good example of someone who accepts her life and tries to make the best of it.

Well I am off the food store. Going to get some stuff to fix dinner for a young mother in my church that is coming home this afternoon with a new baby. Life is GREAT! Hope your weekend turns out to be a good one. I know mine will. Anxious to see my family at my Gson's football game tomorrow morning. Then I am going to be working cleaning out another lady's house with her daughter. This lady moved in with the daughter. It seems when Heavenly Father closes a money window, he seems to open another one for me. I am grateful.

Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. I love how you are so resilient and can always find your gratitude.


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