Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, 56

Wow! I didn't know that I would feel this bad about his passing. I don't own a ipad or Iphone. What I do relate to is his age. So young, 56. I am 51. They have been running a clip of a commencement speech. He said to live each day like it is your last. Good advice. I am a real attitude of gratitude this morning.

After abusing my body through drug and food abuse I am very lucky to be in as good of health as I am in. I haven't ever had to be hospitalized for anything other then having a baby. ( knock on wood, or my head, as I like to do ) I can still get around very well for a woman of 51. I can't run, due to a bum knee, but I do walk every morning. Sometimes I take that for granted. Not this morning. This morning I am getting on my knees and thanking a loving Heavenly Father for all the good things he has blessed me with. I have much to be grateful for!

I didn't sleep well last night. Woke up at 10 pm and didn't go back to sleep until around 12:30 am. Back awake at 4 am. It's ok. I have a test in computer class, but all in all I have pretty easy day. I am still in awe of how well Mrs. King is doing since the passing of her hubs less than a week ago. Yesterday she had a bit of a crying jag, but heck, she deserves it. I was glad I could be there. She loves to talk. She really is a bit of a story teller. All I did yesterday was basically visit. I felt bad to charge her, she insisted. She has good neighbors, so I felt ok about leaving her.

I am going to drop off my car to get serviced today. I think I will drop my bike off to get the tires pumped up and serviced as well. It has really cooled off and I am anxious to start riding again. It is suppose to not hit 80 today and RAIN. Love it!

Going to take Mrs H to see the Dolphin Tale movie today. Like I said, an easy day. Hope everyone has had a good week. I have. No big plans for the weekend. I have to teach in Sunday School. That's about it. I am going to plug The Mormon Channel one more time. I have listened to the best podcasts this week, not to mention General Conference. You don't have to be a Mormon to enjoy great messages.

Keep the mood and the food real..........


  1. Woohoo for cooler weather - that sort of thing just breathes new life into you!!! So glad you are able to be there for Mrs. King and your other old do a wonderful service, Dana. :)

  2. Good weather is a break we all are loving!
    And good times and happy thoughts!

  3. I also feel very bad about Steve Jobs. My hub and I have always had Apple and Mac products, starting in the 1980's, so that may be one of the reasons. I'm typing this on my Macbook Pro and reading work emails on my iPhone.

    He was also such a great entrepreneur, and was a great example to our young people.

  4. Ha! I took my folks to see Dolphin Tale yesterday & it was great. I had asked my boy but he opted out - turns out his dad had taken him. Don't want him to feel like he has to keep secrets from me; it's not a popularity contest after all ;-)
    (& if it is, I'm pretty sure MOM WINS! ;-)

  5. I also feel very bad about Steve Jobs

  6. ob is not important your life is important.Make it happy .

  7. Its very important to make happy yourself, and live life as your own wish. So that don't for anything just make yourself happy. Nothing is more important than this.


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