Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things always work out

They really do. I got all worked up over nothing. It did, however make me really take a good look at my future. I have some big decisions to make! At least I am going to make them and they are not going to be made for me.

I am excited to vote. I am voting against the A-hole that put forth that SB1070 legislation. Feels good to be able to make my voice heard. He will probably get reelected ( this is a recall vote ). I haven't voted since I was a kid. WOW! Occupy the Vote!

School today and then I visit Mrs. H. Had fun watching the baby and the girls last night. Anxious to get this day started. I walked with my old walking buddy yesterday morning. Felt like old times. I have to admit, I reverted back to stuffing the old pie hole over the weekend. Stress eating for sure. I felt like I was loosing an old friend yesterday when Roxie said goodbye. I will miss her wise words.

On to see what you guys are up too.

Keep the mood and the food real!


  1. Hi. New to your blog and just have to say, I love your expression "keep the mood and the food real"!!! Thanks for your wonderful posts!!!

  2. McButter Pants?

    THE BEST BLOGNAME EVER. Made me laugh, thanks.

    Good luck on your journey.


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