Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Serious....TODAY

I had such a lovely night with my family last night. It's so awesome when the Gkids fight over who gets to sit by me and cry when they have to go home. Who wouldn't love that kind of love and attention. We all had dinner and then went to the temple and watched them put up the Christmas lights. They really put a lot of time and energy into their display. While we were there we watched a movie about families being forever. It really touched my heart. It was a night to remember!

Ever since the Dr told me that I need to lose 20 lbs I can't stop eating. UGH!!! WTF? I know it's the rebel in me. I'll show him, I will gain weight. So dumb. I am going to make this a temporary behavior problem. I am going to get my sh*t together. I am not going to wait till after Thanksgiving or Christmas, I am going to start making improvements NOW !! I want to be around to see my Gkids grow up, get married, have their own children and successful lives. I don't know if I told everyone, but my son and his wife are having a little girl!

So, better get out the door and walk. I need to get back in to swing of daily walking. I am going to Sprouts and buy some fruits and veggies. I go to Mrs H. today. Believe it or not, I am convincing her to get rid of some dogs (remember, she has 4 dogs that she really can't take care of and the dogs are ruining her home ) and together we have cleaned out one room and a few closets and donated a butt load of stuff. Her daughters are so impressed, with both of us :) Makes me feel good.

Everyone have a great day. I know I am going to do my best to make it a great day. In English we are debating the death penalty. Oh, and I got an 81% on my Excel final. I could not be happier about it and about moving on to the next thing!! I really can do HARD THINGS.

Keep the mood and the food real................


  1. Woohoo Dana - 81% on your exam? The class that was so hard for you from beginning to end?? Pat yourself on the back - that is just fantastic!!!

    My inner rebel is acquainted with your rebel - "lose weight for my health?!? Hah! I'll show you..." (shoves food into mouth). Sounds like you are getting your head on straight over this matter. :)

    Congrats - another granddaughter is on the way! Sweet. You are so lucky!

  2. I do that too. I'll show them -
    I'll quit school. Lose my house. Quit Nursing.
    Quit blogging and EAT all day and gain my weight back.
    THAT will show them!!!
    I really can do hard things - like you said.
    Getting over myself is the hardest of all.


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