Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Post

Wow! It's been awhile since I have been on to post. Things are busy with the end of the semester and with the holiday. I have been on a gaining binge. Not really sure why, but I have gained like 5 lbs since the holiday weekend. It will go away I know how to make it happen.

Had a great Thanksgiving. My son and DIL hosted with her mother helping and it was awesome. Such a cute little family. Then I went and spent the night with my daughter and her family. We went to Walmart at midnight and MAN was it a mad house. I have never done Black Friday. Won't do it again. It was kind of fun just running in and running out watching people go nuts. They were out of everything my daughter wanted. All the other stuff she got online. Thank goodness for the internet. I did a little point and click myself on Monday. Got the Gkid taken care of and I am going easy on my grown up kids. I can't afford to make all their dreams come true :)

School is going great and I am gearing up for next semester. I actually was a big girl and called the board of nursing to see about getting my license back. Of course the woman was on vacation, so I am going to have to be a big girl all over again. I have been getting some extra work, so that was nice. Hoping it continues through winter break.

I have missed reading and commenting on everyone's blog. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. If you live here in America we really do have a lot to be thankful for. Despite it's many problems it's still a great place to live.

Keep the mood and the food real....................


  1. Nurse - it is my fondest wish that you get your license re-instated.
    That would be the best news ever!

  2. Love the internet when it comes to shopping! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, and I'm excited for you with the nursing license reinstatement possibility!

  3. I was very pleased to read your comment about the blue screw post and the NPR stuff which I will listen to.

    From a far I have admired your blog name for years.;-)

  4. Like you, I've never done the Black Friday shopping. But it is fun to watch those crazy shoppers- glad to hear that you had a great Thanksgiving!


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