Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BORING ~ ok, not so much

I am having a boring day. My lady canceled on me today. I am trying to conserve my gas, so I decided to stay home today. I have been watching News Radio. Funny show. I decorated my house, have worked on a resume and took the practice tests for my computer final tomorrow. I talked to my sister in Japan. Went for a long walk. LONG WALK. It was freezing this morning. It felt so great. I like cold better then hot, so why do I live in Arizona?? I ask myself that every summer.

I got an A on my final essay. I hope to do ok on the final in computer. I am getting anxious about money again. My 2 ladies have really decreased the time they need me. It's time to get a real job. That makes me anxious too. I need to get a resume together and get to searching. I have been checking out the job web sites. I let my self confidence get in my way. Fear is holding me back. It's time to shake off the fear, and get myself out there. Things always work out for me, but in the mean time, I worry.

I am not a fan of the holidays. This year, since I really have no money, I have just relaxed. I have told my kids that I am keeping it really simple and I already have the Gkids done. We are going as a family to see the temple lights this Saturday. It's kind of a tradition. We always get good pics, so I will post some. It's been along time since I have posted any pics. Not sure why. Next week we are going to the "North Pole" on the train. We, meaning me and my daughter's family. We are going during the week so my son and DIL can't go. I am excited about that too.

I haven't really been watching my food as well I should. I am up on the scale by about 7 lbs. I am not freaking out. I feel like since the doctor I have felt a little down about it all. I lost 100 lbs and I still have to take cholesterol meds and my sugar is still a wee bit high. I need an attitude adjustment. I feel like I am in limbo as far as my life is concerned. Money, work, weight. I haven't felt settled for a while.

School is coming to an end for a few weeks. I meet with an adviser tomorrow. Maybe after I know what's up for next semester I will get focused again. I loved it when school was going full on. It was new and I adapted well.

Well, I guess that's it. I am going to go for a bike ride and then work some more on my resume. I am glad tomorrow is school. I hate days feeling like I have nothing to do. In writing this post I realized that today wasn't as boring as I thought and that really I have lots to look forward to. Train rides, Santa, school and hopefully a new job, VERY SOON. Not to mention that The Middle and Modern Family are on tonight. Smile Dana!! Hope everyone is having a great day.

Keep the mood and the food real..............


  1. Dana you have so much on your plate i don't know how you keep it all straight. AND keep your spirits up but you do! Good days and bad days we just gotta try to roll with the punches. Hubby has his very last final exam today then he graduates with a bachelors degree. He's 53. Its never too late. Big Hug !!! deb

  2. Wednesday night is good TV - I love all of ABC's comedies!

  3. Ride that bike, Happy Gurl!
    Watch out for the heat!

  4. I loved where you said "Things always work out for me, but in the mean time, I worry." soooo very much me too. Hope we both can stop that worrying, does us no good anyway. Glad things are going along just fine for you. Hope you have a great time with the family, I'm guessing you meant to say so your son and DIL CAN go with you lol. *hugs*

  5. Hi, it's been a while and I wanted to check in with you. Sounds like your life is going in a lot of different directions. I hope the break from school will give you some peace and a chance to regroup a bit.


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