Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make the season better, it's up to me!

Oh for Heaven's sake Dana, quit eating. I am eating crap that I don't even like. I haven't walked in days and I feel so FAT! I am in a state of frustration. I am having one of the best holiday seasons ever, yet I feel the need to secretly eat. I am buying stupid stuff that I haven't bought in years. I ate a Big Mac. What?? I KNOW! I know that I am in relapse mode, on food that is. This time of year is really hard for me, but in the past 3 years I haven't felt the need to eat like I have this year.

I have sat around for the past 3 days (i haven't felt very good) and watched movies. The Wizard of Oz on Sunday and The Sound of Music yesterday. That's not so bad, but I could be doing other, more productive stuff. I am lost without school and I only work one day this week, Friday. Too much time on my hands. BOO!!

Ok, now is the time to get it together. I haven't been eating Christmas goodies, so that isn't going to be a problem. Go throw out the doughnut hole and the oatmeal "little debbie" crap RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Get on your walking shoes and take a nice long walk. You will feel much better. Then, Miss Dana, go find someone that you can do something for. Even if it's taking an old lady to the movie. Get out of the house. Here's a novel idea, go test out for math and reading at the school. Face your fears, you are going to have to at some point. Why not sooner then later. You can do HARD THINGS.

Tomorrow is "The Forgotten Carols" at the beautiful Gammage Center. Dress yourself up and for crying out loud.......enjoy yourself. Treating yourself well will make the season even better. You know it true, the adversary that wants you to be miserable. Don't that that old Devil win. Remember, he laughs at you when he is able to deceive you. Remember, you hate being laughed at. Don't beat yourself up, just move on. Ok, now go do it!

Keep the mood and the food real............Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Well Dana you 've done quite the good job of kicking yourself in the rump looks like i don't have to. LOL! Merry Christmas to you too girlie! By the way........if your looking for an absolutely wonderful movie.....try Sherlock Holmes! I thought it was witty and smart and very entertaining......but thats just me and my tastes can be weird...lol....Best movie i've seen in a while....hugs! deb

  2. When Little Debbie loosens her grip on you *wink*
    you'll wonder what you ever saw in her!

  3. About once a year I have a craving for a Big Mac, and about an hour after I eat it, I realize why I don't eat them more often!

    Hang in there - and try to enjoy the time you have off! :D

  4. hang in there and try to embrace and enjoy the season.

  5. Hi Dana! Thank you for stopping by and wishing me Merry Christmas. That was so sweet of you. I hope you kicked Little Debbie and all her so-called friends out, haha.

    This is a very hard time of year for us foodies. But doing the hard things, well, that does make the Devil split his britches. So, let's tick him off!

    I know 2012 will be full of blessings for you and your family.

  6. Yoo Hoo, where are you?

    Happy New Year, Dana. May it be your best year yet.


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