Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not much

It's been crazy. My Ggirl broke her arm. I got all set up for school, start on Tuesday. I haven't been walking...boo. I have been feeling blah. Achy and not sleeping very good. I am going to have a house guest. My neice is coming to live with me. I guess that's not really a guest. She needed a change of scenery and called and I said sure. It will be nice to have someone here. My eating hasn't been the best. I am up on the scale since school break, but still under 200. I really want to recommit, but seem to be having commitment problems. No New Year boost to change.

This is quick.....just checking in. Been reading all of you, not commenting too much.

Keep the mood and the food real.............


  1. So sorry about your granddaughter! Poor baby.

    Enjoy your niece!

  2. Poor little one! Hope she heals soon!

    Keep focused on our weight loss and fitness journey!!

  3. Awww, too bad for your Ggirl! Did she get a pretty cast, at least?

  4. It's so hard when life gets crazy. Don't forget to take care of yourself!! Hope your Ggirl feels better soon,


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