Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't worry, be happy....

Well a quick check in.  I have been waiting around all afternoon for them to deliver a new dishwasher.  I took the opportunity to screen a few episodes of Downton Abbey.  The first 4 episodes were awesome.  Holy cow!  I really have been missing out :)

I have decided to not stress out over Spanish.  I am going to end up failing anyway.  I am going to consider just sticking it out as victory.  I found out today that nobody is getting an A.  That even the smart kids are not getting above a C.  I didn't go today.  I am glad I skipped out.  I have been beating myself up over Spanish over far too long.  I have stressed and cried for a D.  I am going to relax.  What's the worse that could happen?  I get an F?  I need to relax about a lot of things.  I have been so hard on myself lately.

I am feeling better about a lot of things.  I had another interview and I should know by tomorrow.  I have 2 other phone interviews scheduled for next week.  I found out that unemployment isn't running out just yet.  I still have some time.  It does seem like things are moving forward.  I am so sick of being discouraged, so I am not going to be.  At least for today :)

Found out that my sister is moving to FL instead of here.  I am so sad, but at least I won't need a passport to go see her.  I sometimes wonder if her hubs doesn't want to keep her isolated from family??    I feel bad for even thinking it.  I really wanted her to come her.  I think she really wanted to come too.  Anywoo.......

Hope everyone is having a great day.  I loved Roxie's post this morning.  Made me smile.  Eating better and walking.  Had a long discussion with my daughter this morning.  I am really glad I took the time.  She can really TALK!!  I hope it will be a conversation she wouldn't forget.  I know I won't.

Keep the mood and the food real.............

update.....didn't get the job.  Something else will come.  I know it.


  1. Downton Abbey really is something, isn't it? It sucks you in quickly.

    Fingers crossed on your job. I hope you hear you receive a generous offer soon.

  2. I was shocked at how much I got into Downton Abbey - it really is an interesting show!

    Hope things continue to improve for you, Dana.

  3. Yep I need to follow suit and don't worry be happy :) Yes, things will work out for you they always do :) As for Spanish well not sure I ever told you this story but sometimes actions just speak louder than words. When I was in Mexico and still couldn't speak a word after studying for months I just did a motion to describe what I needed. We were out of toilet paper so I went out to the maid and another man and just did the motion of wiping my rear end for them to let them know I needed some toilet paper and we all just laughed and laughed and laughed :) and I got my roll of TP lol.

    Hugs my friend

  4. LOVE that show too!
    And you - Happy April!

  5. Sorry about the job...but you are right, something else will come up!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Downton Abbey!

  6. Happy to know that you are getting interview calls, but sad to know that sister is not residing with you, hope you can see her soon, well you don't need passport to see her.
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