Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy with small improvemnts

I walked a 5K this morning!  Been a while since I have done that.  It felt so good.  My plan is to eat whole foods.  That means I can not buy crap.  I am looking into TOPS ( thanks Dawn).  I plan on drinking LOTS of H20.  I can do what I can do.  My sister is not over weight and she has high cholesterol as well.  I might not be able to get it down, but I can change my attitude toward the problem, and then work with my doctor to improve.    It will do wonders for me to just treat myself I am worth the effort.  I need to be cheerfully engaged in doing kind things for myself. 

I need to be looking for ways to help others.  I need to anxiously engaged in good works.  I need to get out of myself.  I need to have faith that things  will work out.  I have been praying very hard for the confidence I need to do all these things.  I spend way to much time in front of the boob tube, as a way to escape my life.  Wasting time instead of using my time wisely.  I think I am going to start my life history.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  My church encourages us to do this.  I think it will be good therapy. 

I am getting a stinkin D in Spanish.  I haven't been interested in putting the work into it.  My mind as been foggy and it has seemed impossible.  The important thing is I have not dropped the class.  There was 25 people in the class at the start.  There is now 8 people.  I am going to count this as a victory.  I have thought and thought about giving up, but have decided that I am not going to do that.  Even the smartest little farts in the class complain about how hard it is.  I will hang in.

I am feeling better.  I have made just the slightest behavior changes.  Nothing crazy, just small and simple things.  That how you do great thing in the end.  I will not give to this over whelming discouragement.  I know that that is just what Satan wants.  He wants me to miserable just like he is.  He wants me to give up, on everything and go back to self destructive behavior.  Evey time I do I know that he is there laughing at me.  I don't know whether any of you believe in the adversary, but know that he is real and is out to destroy my life.  I have great things to do.  I can feel it.  Only I can stop myself from doing those things.

This weekend is going to be all about Spanish.  I really want to get some kids, but will hold back.  I might just go out and visit.  I hope that I can stay in this mind set.  Just being happy with my life and my efforts.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Do your best and be happy about it!

Keep the mood and the food real. 


  1. Sounds like you've got some good plans in the works, along with a different attitude - yay! Hope the Spanish weekend goes well and you raise that D up to a C...but also, please know that my brother's motto throughout college was "D is for diploma" - and he's done just fine. ;)

  2. Great attitude Dana! It really is about how we are thinking that makes all the difference. Hope you have a nice weekend. *hugs*

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