Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update and keep your fingers crossed

Ok, here's an update.....I went to TWO job interviews yesterday.  The home health care job, which was a killer interview.  Spent 2 hours there answering questions.  Holy cow!  I understand the process, I am going into other people's home and they are responsible.  I have to do a drug test too.  I saw that coming.  No worries there, lol.  Plus I have to have my own insurance. The classes have already cost me over $50. 

Anyhoo, then a guy called me from a receptionist job.  I was so excited about that.  It's a2-10pm shift, but I think it's the best fit and the least hard on my body.  I am not as young as I used to be.  Eight hours a day, 5 days a week, of home care, is bound to break me, sooner then later. It's .50 cents less an hour, but does have some extra ways to make money. Plus, I would be able to get insurance after 90 days.  So, I need everybody to cross their fingers for the receptionist job.  Really, it would make my day to get them both.  Then I could choose. 

I was so brave:) I was proud of myself for going.  I really thought I put my best foot forward.  I was sweating up a storm at the home care place. Luckily I had to do a bunch of paper work during that.  That's how it always is.  When I don't won't to sweat, I do.  It's embarrassing and really does effect my life. By the time I made it to the receptionist place I had sweated off my make-up (what little I had on) and my hair was flat.  I was too rushed to think about it.  No sweating at the receptionist place. 

I should know about both jobs later today.  I might not get either, so I am just going put it in God's hands. Where it's always been in the first place.  My eating has been iffy.  I haven't walked.  I have noticed that my hands are so sore when I wake up.  As a matter of fact, they wake me up from being so sore.  Gonna talk to the doctor about it at my appointment Friday.

Going to head out for an overnighter with the Gkiddies later this afternoon.

Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. I have EVERYTHING crossed for you....eyes, toes, fingers...

  2. Wishing you success in your job search. Have a great time with the gkiddies!!

  3. Sending up good thoughts for you today, Dana!!!

  4. *crossing fingers* hope you get to choose. Hope you have a great time with the gkids too :) *hugs*


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