Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now on the job front.......

I just loved this picture!  Me and my Livi Girl.  We were waiting to go to church.  My daughter and son in law were speaking in church.  They did such a great job.  I was so proud.  I spent last weekend being a GeGe.  We went swimming twice.  We spent Saturday morning at the Bird Park.  ASU had a group of students there and they had an exhibit with snakes, spiders and other creeping things.  The kids loved it.  Plus Javi found a duck egg.  They brought it home and named it Parry.  It was funny.

On the job front.  I have found a job.  I am doing fundraising for Mitt Romney.  It's a job and that's all I have to say about that.  So if you see me especially political on FB it's financially motivated.  I do like Mitt, but I try not to be outspoken about it.  The nice thing is I am making the same as I would have basically any where else, but I can work from home (no extra gas needed) and I don't have to go out and get new office clothes.  Plus, I have to chance to make commission.  I figure if there is money to made in this election, why can't I get a little, right??  I really feel this is the right thing for me at this point.  I start today, so wish me well.  I hope it works out.

On the food/exercise front.  BOO!  Not doing as well as I would like.  My body is really feeling the extra weight.  My hips and ankles are so sore when I walk.  I have been walking during the week days.  Yesterday I only went a mile and half, but going to be walking out the door right after I click publish and am going to try to double it.  I went food shopping this morning and didn't buy anything stupid, so that is step in the right direction too.  Just pressing forward.  Hope everyone has a nice day.

Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. Awe, sounds like a great time with the grand kids. Way to go on the job and yes why shouldn't you make some money out of it all. Way to go on the walks though :) miss ya :) big hugs

  2. So glad you found something girl! Me? Until they give me some better choices i'm not voting! LOL! PS. Why did you bring the duck egg home??

    1. They wanted to or the other real reason.....I AM A SUCKER :)

  3. GOOD FOR YOU finding a job where you have at least a spark of passion!
    and may I BORROW your LiviGirl for the day?
    she looks so spunky and smiley :)

  4. Yay for the job! I hope it works out well and you LOVE it! :-)

    Sounds like a fun time with the grandkids! :-)

    As for the food....think about how the added weight makes you feel and then get angry...get angry and get rid of the weight!

  5. Sounds like everyone had fun!
    Glad you've found a job.
    I hope you know you seriously rock!! Big time :)

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