Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Lucky, Blessed

Well here I am.  I haven't posted in along time.  I read my faves everyday, yet I am not motivated to post.  Things really are going well.  Not food wise :(  I had a rootbeer float weekend.  I tried one and then couldn't stop.  UGH!  Up 5 lbs.  No big shocker there.  Not freaking out about it.  I haven't been walking like I should.  That is a big deal.  Funny when I don't walk I am not as careful with my food. 

Life in general is great.  I have another old people job.  It's a couple 3 days a week 6 hrs a day.  A.Gift.From. God.  They are awesome.  I don't have to be on the phone with the Mitt fundraising so much.  Not that I don't like it, but I do get frustrated with being hung up on.  I know how much I hate to be called, that is where I feel like such a hypocrite when I call people.  Usually I preface the call with "I hate to bother you".  Needless to say I haven't made any commission...lol.

For the last few months I have been thinking that I needed to get a room mate to help with rent and the sky high electric bill over the summer.  I didn't act on it, just kept praying that if it was suppose to happen, that God would present something.  As you remember I don't have great luck with room mates.  Well my daughter is going to be building a new home, with a bedroom for me.  I feel so blessed to have such a great daughter.  Well, they are going to need a place to stay through the summer.  Say hello to 7 new room mates.  I know that this sounds crazy, but we can do it.  I just feel sorry for her hubs who needs to sleep during the day.  I have a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath townhome, so it's gonna be cramped.  But it's only for a few months.  It will get me used to the kids with a quickness, then when we move in to the new, very spacious ( 5 BR ) house it will feel like we are moving into a castle.  To tell the truth I am a little scared, but feeling grateful more then anything.  I have been lonely lately.  I won't be after they move in.  I spend way too much time alone now.  Money problems will be dealt with and I don't have to try to sell my ass......ets....hehehe

I  am reading Heaven Is Here.  If you have heard of the blog The Nie Nie Dialogues you will know this woman's story.  It is a wonderful read and I highly recommend it.  It feels good to be reading something again.  I listen to stuff and don't read as much as I used to.  I am getting ready to go get my hair done.  Going to be a redhead again!  Then I am going to see a high school Broadway concert and visit with my BFF.  Her daughter is in the concert. 

My daughter and her hubs are going to be seal in the LDS temple.  This is a very scared and special thing for us Mormons.  Go to lds.org for more info on that.  Being sealed means that their family will be together forever.  I am so proud of those kids!  My sister and her hubs are coming down for it, as well as my cuz and aunt.  They arrive Monday.  I am really excited.  I love my family!  I am excited to have the kids go to church with every week.  I really am blessed :)

Hope everyone else is having a great life!  Know that read most of my OLD fave's.  I just realized that I have been blogging for 4 years!  I have been friends with Roxie and Shelly and Anne and Dawn and Suzie and Fab 50 Kate for a long time and I treasure these friendships.  They really add to my life and make it so much better!

Keep the mood and the food real

PS the title is for you Dawn :)


  1. I'm excited for you about the new fancy big house with the family but can't say you all living in your place would thrill me lol but then I'm not you lol. Yes you are blessed and I'm blessed too :) glad I have you in my life too. August will be 4 yrs blogging for me :)

  2. I treasure you and all our blogging community!
    Happy Blog-a-versary!
    We are all truly blessed!

  3. Happy Anniversary - you are a true treasure, Dana. That's so cool about you new family home!

  4. What a lot of wonderful things happening in your, and your family's life - I'm so happy for you!! Living with the grandkids in your small townhouse will be a challenge, but hey, you can do anything for a little while, right? Plus, they will love being around their GeGe so much! Lucky kids. :)

    I can't believe I've known you for 4 years now...I'm so pleased to have you in my life!

    1. I know Shelly. It was your blog post that reminded me. I've been doing this as long as you have. It seems funny, you are one of greatest friends, yet we have never met.

  5. So many things happening for you :) I'm so glad that things are going to work out for you! Family is indeed a special thing.

    I can't wait to hear all about the kids and the moving!

    1. Hey Dana - Happy 4th anniversary! I've been away for a while but I see you're still at it - blogging, living, the whole magilla. Have missed your always cheerful spirit.

  6. Just happens, so many things goes around and we are not able to understand how to manage them, hope you will soon get an room mate to share your electric bills.

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