Monday, July 5, 2010

I really have changed....who knew?

My dear sweet friend and me. I took care of her hubs till he passed away. I love this family so much. I don't know what my life would be without them. It's no exaggeration. We are at the cemetery visiting his grave. I had such a nice weekend. One of the best 4ths of my life.
Well I am back home. It was a quick trip with lots of driving but I had such a great time. I walked the Blanding UT 5K Saturday morning in about 40 mins. I wasn't even dead last...almost, but not quite. Then the parade. In the evening we went to a melodrama. Complete with booing and hissing the villain. They even sold popcorn to throw him. So cute. Then a fantastic firework show. I never go the the fireworks anymore. It is just too damn hot here in the desert. So this was a treat. We were sitting right under them too. Loved it.

I was shocked by something while I was there. I refused to eat eat fast food. I truly did not want to eat crap. No milkshakes and onion rings. Just a bite of someone else's and a few fries were fine. I ate lots of ham sandwich's. It just seemed like that was the healthiest thing to eat. That tells you how bad the food was. I spent everyday for a year and a half with this family. I gain at least 60 lbs. Maybe more. I was just getting clean and really turned to food. They made it so easy. I noticed just how much they focus their life around food. I knew that, but it really hit home for me while I was with them this time.

I really have changed. I am really proud of that. It hasn't happened over night. I hardly even really noticed it. I have changed. I am not the same person I was 2 years ago. I like this person alot. I am not perfect. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I do have a greater sense of myself and my capabilities. I can do hard things. I have a strong and capable body and mind. I have faith that I really do have a chance of living up to my potential. I have spent most of my life knowing....KNOWING I was capable of doing so much better. I like the feeling of knowing that I am treating myself with loving kindness. I am choosing things that are good for me in the long run. Not based on what feels good in the moment. Not perfect, but lots better. Yep, it feels damn good. I insisted on walking that 5K when I found out the city was having one. Nobody wanted to go with me. I went alone. I knew I could do it no problem. I had just walked almost 5 miles the day before. Yes sir, feels damn good.
I just decided this morning hat I am going to go to San Diego this week with my walking buddy and her daughter. Just overnight. To the beach. The schools are closed. I deserve to get away from the office and all the bullshit. So I am. It will be cheap. I am excited.
WOOHOO summer of 2010! Keep the mood and the food to get caught up with everyone. And check my mail box!!


  1. Throw a bag of popcorn at the villain for me!
    Southern California sounds wonderful - ah, the beach!
    Could this be the best summer yet?
    Who knew?

  2. ahhh that sentence

    bigbigbig lifestyle change huh?
    I can still really clearly recall the days when my middle name may as well have been WENDYS FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH.


  3. Dana! I love your post - you are finally seeing who I've been seeing for quite a while now - a lovely, loving, self-assured woman! As I read your post, I kept saying "Go Dana! over and over to each of your revelations and victories!!! No fast food? Awesome! Walking the 5K by yourself? Fantastic! Going to SD because you deserve a vacation? ABSOLUTELY!!! Have a wonderful time!!!!!

  4. wow. way to go babes! I like this alot. Sounds like you had good times all round.

    yay on san diego too. you do deserve it. live your life missus! <3

    i wish i could say that i turn down fat food.

  5. Wow you are definitely in a great place in your journey :)

  6. Spectacular, Dana. As Shelley said, we've been seeing the shift and it's a wonderful thing to see. You are amazing and I'm glad you've decided that you deserve good things. Oh and that is a darling picture of you. May be my favorite!

  7. Awesome!! Fast food is a big temptation for me, I look forward to the day I can turn it down! Walking the 5K...way to go!!! I have one Thursday night (my first) and everyone who was going to do it is backing out so I may be on my own, but I'm doing it!!
    Good for you!!

  8. Glad you had a nice 4th. Wow on that 40 min 5k you walked it almost as fast as I ran mine lol. I know what you mean about changing and not even hardly realizing it happened. But that's the great way to change means it will stick :)

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