Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is what my doing right now. Dancing. She owned a dance studio till she went back to school at age 55 to get her Phd in psychology. She passed away this afternoon. We had a glorious last day. We took a long walk this morning. Me pushing the wheelchair, her telling me over and over thank you. Talking about the neighbors. Then we went for a car ride. We looked at tulips. We did "drive bys" I call our friends in our congregation then we pulled up in front of their house and they run out, usually with their kids, to say a quick hello to her. We have had so much fun doing that this week. Then we came down to my place and she helped me plant flowers. Telling me how beautiful they were going to be. I took her home and went to get some lunch after I got off. Something told me to drop back over. The woman that works nights had called me for help. L.L. slipped through the veil surrounded by her children. I am really going to miss her. I am sad for me. I am glad for her.

I will be okay. Life is still wonderful. I still fell like good things are just around the corner. I will start looking for another job tomorrow. Life as wonderful as it is, still marchs on.

Keep the mood and the food......and live each day like it's your last.


  1. Oh...what a lovely last day! I think you said it best "sad for her and glad for her" - she will be missed, for sure. I'm sorry, Dana...I know you will miss her.

  2. What a gift you gave her, Dana. Wonderful last days. I hope to be so lucky. Goodness like yours will be rewarded. The next great thing for you is just around the corner, I truly believe.

  3. I'm so glad you had that wonderful day with her. You will be in my thoughts Dana. deb

  4. you are amazing. strong loving giving powerful.



  5. I'm so glad you two had that wonderful time together Dana. It takes someone special to do what you do.

  6. You were such a wonderful friend and gift to her Dana. I hadn't read this when I sent the email to you I'm so sorry about your lose. I know you will be ok you always are. What a wonderful last day you gave her. *hugs and love*


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